Mission & Values

Our Mission

The mission of the Employee Assistance Program is to contribute to a healthier work environment by assisting individuals with personal issues and by consulting with supervisors on individual employee and group concerns.

Our Values


  • The EAP staff shall be available to all eligible employees, and their dependents, seeking assistance with personal concerns.

Professionalism and Integrity

  • The EAP staff shall practice the highest standards of personal conduct and professionalism through credentialing, licensure, certification, and continuing education.


  • When working with individual clients, the EAP shall maintain the strictest of confidence, consistent with State and Federal laws and the ethical standards of appropriate professional credentialing agencies.

Seeking Non-Adversarial Solutions

  • The EAP shall work with individuals to achieve non-adversarial solutions through mediation or other forms of alternative dispute management in an effort to minimize formal grievance proceedings and litigious courses of action.

Empowerment of Individuals and Organizations

  • The EAP will strive to empower individuals and/or organizations through counseling, education, training, and enhancement of self-esteem as a means of helping them resolve their presenting difficulties.

Communication Enhancement

  • The EAP will assist individuals and groups in developing enhanced communication skills as a means of effectively dealing with interpersonal conflicts.

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